Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my anxieties of EHS and goal for sophmore year

The thing I am most anxious about at Edina High School is being able to make time for both homework and sports. This makes me anxious because in past years I have had a hard time balancing the two with only four classes per day. Now, having six classes plus a zero hour will increase my homework, making my time limited. Adding a sport into my life in the spring will just increase the stress that comes with being busy. I will need to work extra hard in order to keep my grades up while continuing to focus on my sport. This is very important because these are the years that count for college and if i don't keep my grades up, most likely I won't be able to get into a school that I would like to attend. Balancing several activities such as sports with homework is my biggest anxiety about being a part of Edina High School.

One goal for myself in my sophomore year is to expand my friendships. I have many friends at EHS, but there is always room for more. Most of my friends came from Valley View, just like me and i would like to meet new people who came from Southview or even another school district. This will benefit me in so many ways such as knowing more than one person in my classees to talk to about homework , what happened in class that day, or even the things we can't believe our teacher said. This will also be a benefit to me because i will get a chance to learn about other people's backgrounds and possibly other cultures. Another reason i want to expand my friendships is because i will meet people with different interests than my current friends which could potentially give me new people to hang out with on the weekends. I will also be able to have new life expiriences with my new friends which will teach me a lot about myself and other people. I am excited to meet and become friends with new people at EHS.

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