Sunday, December 23, 2007

Eagle Blue, Week 5, post 2

“There’s no quit in Josh, no quit in any of these kids. This is what Dave is beginning to see about this team.” (193.)

This quote is significant to Eagle Blue in several ways. One way it is significant is because it continues to show the emerging themes of hard work, dedication and perseverance. It implies this because the quote says that nobody quits. The fact that the kids play hard until the end of the game, and never give up, shows that they really do want to win, and this is what they love to do. Another way this quote is significant to Eagle Blue is because it shows that the coach is getting to know his team’s work ethic a little better, as well as the personalities of all the players. The knowledge of the work ethic etc, helps Dave to connect with the kids and trust that they will work their hardest one hundred percent of the time. An example of when this would happen in my life is when I am working on homework and trying to get good grades. Most of my teachers know that I always try my hardest to do quality work, do well on tests, and get good grades. I do whatever it takes to get my work done, whether that means staying up late, getting up early, or going in to get some extra help. An example of never giving up in the society I live in is when people go to work. They go to work to earn a living. Most people will do whatever it takes to make money to support a family, have a house to live in, and food to eat.

Eagle Blue, Week 5, post 1

2 vocab words:

Catatonic (187)-a syndrome seen most frequently in schizophrenia, characterized by muscular rigidity and mental stupor, sometimes alternating with great excitement and confusion.

Arsenal (190)-a collection or supply of anything

One emerging theme

An emerging theme in this book is favoritism. The crowd always seems to favor the Fort Yukon Eagles at the games. An example of this is when they were playing Tok, the crowd erupted with cheering when the Eagles came onto the floor, but not so much for Tok. Some of the players think it is because all of the kids on the Eagles are natives of the land, and many of the other teams have only 1 native, if even that.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eagle Blue, week 4, post 2

“Matt’s up to his tricks again, trying those high- risk five- star passes when a basic two star would do. By the end of the first quarter he’s already thrown the ball away three times. “ (149.)

This quote is significant to the book, Eagle Blue, for several reasons. One example of how this is significant is that the coach of the basketball team often tries to do all of these sneaky plays, and tries to trick the other team. You would think this is a good plan, but most of the time it ends up backfiring, and costing the team a win. This happens several times throughout the book, not only on their four day trip. This quote also relates to life, in general. One example of how it relates to life is that if people try to trick other people, they generally end up being caught in the act. For example, many times when people lie to their friends or parents, most of the time it is quite obvious. The friend or parent can usually tell when a lie is being told, and will call the other person out on it. This relates back to the quote from this book, because lying is kind of like trying to trick somebody, or in the basketball team’s case, trying trick plays in order to confuse the other team. Both of these things usually end up backfiring, and costing you either a friendship, trust, or the game. This quote also relates to the media, somewhat. On many television shows, lying, and sneaky people are showed. Sometimes they portray that this is ok, and this could potentially teach people that this is ok, when really it is not. This aspect of the tricks is oftentimes showed at the end of the program when the lying and sneaky people are caught and punished.

Eagle Blue, Week 4, post 1

3 examples of figurative language

"These trips are the cherry on each season's sundae." (136.)
This is an example of a metaphor, which is figuraticve language. It is a metaphor because it compares two things by saying that one thing "is" or "are" something else. In this case it is the trips of the season, and cherries on a sundae.

"Its like trying to nail Jell-o to a wall" (139.)
This quote is an example of imagery. It paints a vivid picture in a persons mind about how tough the situation was...trying to get everybody back in the van after stopping at the store.

...All the pressures seam to dissipate, to vanish like the exhaust puffing out from the back of the van as Dave punches it south" (140.)
This quote is an example of a similie. This is a similie because it compares two things using the word "like." In this quote, teh pressures are compared to the vanishing exhaust from the back of the van.

Significant quote.

"The traps begin working. Matt and Josh begin feeding on steals. Chris hits two free throws for his first points of the season, bringing the Solom aon contingent to their feet." (143.)
This quote is significant to Eagle Blue because it shows that all of the practice of the team, pays off. They are able to grab and early lead, which would eventually lead to their victory. All of their hard work pays off in the end. Even though it is not always enjoyable, it truly is beneficial.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eagle Blue, Week 3, post 2

“Dan always schedules his personal and business trips to coincide with the basketball team’s schedule. He figures it costs him about a thousand dollars a trip to watch the boys play…….so he always tries to kill two birds with one stone; taking care of business trips, catch up with old friends, visit the doctor or dentist(99).”
This quote is significant to the book Eagle Blue, because it shows the distance the team must travel, and how dedicated they have to be in order to play on this basketball team. Families have to pay boat loads of money for the team to play one game. This also means traveling to far away places. The families travel so often that they need to take care of business trips, and doctor/ dentist visits while they are out of town, otherwise they will not be able to fit them into their busy schedules. This quote also proves the significance of dedication in order to be on this team. They boys must be willing to travel all over creation, and miss a lot of their social lives at home, in order to do what they love. Most of the boys show up to every game, which also shows dedication. The fact that they need to take care of doctor visits, etc., on the road, proves that they are dedicated because they travel so much and give up much of their lives to this team. They could be out having a good time with their friends on the weekends, but instead they dedicate their time to the team, which really shows how much these boys want to do well this season.

Eagle Blue, Week 3, post 1

2 vocab words

Wayfarer (p. 99)- a noun meaning; a traveler especially on foot

Archaic (p.101)- an adjective meaning; marked by the characteristics of an earlier period; antiquated

One emerging theme-
One emerging theme in Eagle Blue is dedication. This is shown when the team has to travel all over creation by plane, just to play one game. This shows dedication because all of the team usually shows up, as well as many fans and family members.