Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eagle Blue, Week 3, post 2

“Dan always schedules his personal and business trips to coincide with the basketball team’s schedule. He figures it costs him about a thousand dollars a trip to watch the boys play…….so he always tries to kill two birds with one stone; taking care of business trips, catch up with old friends, visit the doctor or dentist(99).”
This quote is significant to the book Eagle Blue, because it shows the distance the team must travel, and how dedicated they have to be in order to play on this basketball team. Families have to pay boat loads of money for the team to play one game. This also means traveling to far away places. The families travel so often that they need to take care of business trips, and doctor/ dentist visits while they are out of town, otherwise they will not be able to fit them into their busy schedules. This quote also proves the significance of dedication in order to be on this team. They boys must be willing to travel all over creation, and miss a lot of their social lives at home, in order to do what they love. Most of the boys show up to every game, which also shows dedication. The fact that they need to take care of doctor visits, etc., on the road, proves that they are dedicated because they travel so much and give up much of their lives to this team. They could be out having a good time with their friends on the weekends, but instead they dedicate their time to the team, which really shows how much these boys want to do well this season.

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