Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eagle Blue, week 4, post 2

“Matt’s up to his tricks again, trying those high- risk five- star passes when a basic two star would do. By the end of the first quarter he’s already thrown the ball away three times. “ (149.)

This quote is significant to the book, Eagle Blue, for several reasons. One example of how this is significant is that the coach of the basketball team often tries to do all of these sneaky plays, and tries to trick the other team. You would think this is a good plan, but most of the time it ends up backfiring, and costing the team a win. This happens several times throughout the book, not only on their four day trip. This quote also relates to life, in general. One example of how it relates to life is that if people try to trick other people, they generally end up being caught in the act. For example, many times when people lie to their friends or parents, most of the time it is quite obvious. The friend or parent can usually tell when a lie is being told, and will call the other person out on it. This relates back to the quote from this book, because lying is kind of like trying to trick somebody, or in the basketball team’s case, trying trick plays in order to confuse the other team. Both of these things usually end up backfiring, and costing you either a friendship, trust, or the game. This quote also relates to the media, somewhat. On many television shows, lying, and sneaky people are showed. Sometimes they portray that this is ok, and this could potentially teach people that this is ok, when really it is not. This aspect of the tricks is oftentimes showed at the end of the program when the lying and sneaky people are caught and punished.

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