Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eagle Blue, Week 4, post 1

3 examples of figurative language

"These trips are the cherry on each season's sundae." (136.)
This is an example of a metaphor, which is figuraticve language. It is a metaphor because it compares two things by saying that one thing "is" or "are" something else. In this case it is the trips of the season, and cherries on a sundae.

"Its like trying to nail Jell-o to a wall" (139.)
This quote is an example of imagery. It paints a vivid picture in a persons mind about how tough the situation was...trying to get everybody back in the van after stopping at the store.

...All the pressures seam to dissipate, to vanish like the exhaust puffing out from the back of the van as Dave punches it south" (140.)
This quote is an example of a similie. This is a similie because it compares two things using the word "like." In this quote, teh pressures are compared to the vanishing exhaust from the back of the van.

Significant quote.

"The traps begin working. Matt and Josh begin feeding on steals. Chris hits two free throws for his first points of the season, bringing the Solom aon contingent to their feet." (143.)
This quote is significant to Eagle Blue because it shows that all of the practice of the team, pays off. They are able to grab and early lead, which would eventually lead to their victory. All of their hard work pays off in the end. Even though it is not always enjoyable, it truly is beneficial.

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