Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eagle Blue, Week 2, post A

ONE EMERGING THEME: There are many themes that are emerging through this book, one of which being perserserverance. This is shown on page 61 when they are describing Wes James, a small freshman, who wants to play basketball. He shows up at all of the men's pick up games because he wants to learn all he can. All he wants to do is play basketball, so he works extremely hard to get on the team.


1."The squeak of their shoes on the hard rubber floor is like sweet music to Dave, like the infield chatter and the crack of line drives at spring training in Florida..." (61.)
This is an example of a similie. It is a similie because it is comparing two things, (squeaky shoes, to spring training in Florida) using the word, like

2. "He looks like a skinny dockworker playing ball on his lunch break." (62.)
This is also an example of a similie because it compares one of the basketball players to a dockworker, using the word, like

3. "They flop in the stands, a couple sprawl on the floor, mopping their brows wih their shirts" (63.)
This quote is an example of imagery because it paints a vivid picture in my mind of what is happening at that exact point in the story, and makes me feel like i am actually looking at, or even with the team after basketball practice.

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