Monday, November 19, 2007

Eagle Blue, week one, post B

Thus far into Eagle Blue, I have seen many quotes that relate to events happening in the world. One of these quotes is “Just like the empty beer cansand cigarette packages tossed in the snow, the bags were a sign of these don’t give a shit times.” (20). This quote relates to the world I live in because it describes many of the lazy people we have living in our society who don’t care about what happens to the environment. They will just throw their garbage out the window, and assume somebody else will pick it up, which obviously isn’t true. All this does is damage the land we live on. Another quote from the book that can be related to the world is “He hasn’t given much thought till now to this college thing. He wouldn’t mind going away, but it’s not as if he’s never been anywhere ” (27). This quote definitely relates to high school kids in this world because many kids don’t start thinking about college until they realize they need to take their SAT’s, ACT’s , etc. This really pulls a trigger in their mind, thinking about where they want to go to school, or if they want to go to school. The decision about where to go to school is usually a pretty big school. Generally, kids always think they want to go far away from home, but as the time draws nearer, they realize how weird it would be to be away from their family for so long, and end up going somewhere semi-close to

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