Friday, October 26, 2007

The Sea Inside, post 3

* An eye level shot is used several times in this film. One example of when it was used was when Ramon was sitting in his bed, looking up at one of his care-takers. This is significant to the meaning of the movie because this is the way Ramon looks at people throughout the whole movie. He has to look up at them, becaue of his situation, laying in bed.

*Another shot used in this movie a low angle. This was when Ramon was having a flashback of the day he became a paraplegic. He is standing on the top of a cliff, looking down at the water. The camera though, was at the bottom of the cliff, making Ramon look big, and powerful. This is significant to the message the director was sending because he wanted to show that Ramon felt that nothing would hurt him, or get in the way of him living his life to the fullest, when, in reality, he was wrong.

*When people walk in and out of Ramon's room, the film-makers use tracking/dollying. They use this by following the character all the way across the room, as if the camera was that person. This is significant to the meaning, because it shows how often Ramon is visited, and how much his family and friends care for him.

* Ramon has a dream that he jumps out of a window, and flies. In this dream, the flim-makers use a sequence of a long shot, medium shot, and a close up. The long shot is when he initially jumps out the window, the medium shot is when he is falling towards the ground, and the close up is of the ground, when Ramon almost hits it, but then flies upwards. This is significant to the message the director was trying to send because it showed what we thought was Ramon committing suicide, but then changing his mind. This showed the thought process of Ramon during the 28 years he has been living in this condition.

*An oblique angle is used in this movie was when Julia is having a heart attack on the stairs. The camera is at an angle, to try to put the viewer in Julia's position, and seem like they were right there with her. This is important to the message of this movie because it shows that bad things happen to good people sometimes.

* A tilt is used when they are in the courtroom, appealing for Ramon to be able to have assisted suicide. They scan from the top, down, in the courtroom to show how many people showed up to hear Ramon's case. This is significant because it shows how many people supported, or at least were interested in Ramon's case, and plea.

There were many film techniques used in this movie that were significant to the meaning, and the director was trying to portray through the film.

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