Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4, post 2

In the beginning of this section, Frank and is friend are invited over to one of their classmate's house for lunch. Instead of him feeding them, he just sat in the corner and ate his sandwich. Frank and his friend then skipped the rest of the day of school and stole apples and other food from the local grocery store. Frank gets scared and stays with his friend for the night. Angela gets mad because she has been worried sick about him. Frank has a friend named Mickey, who started off with a lot of siblings, but slowly, one by one, they die of consumption. Frank is jealous because when each of his siblings dies he gets a week off of school, and many other nice things. When his little sister becomes sick, he tells Frank that he will be invited to the wake, and miss school. This does not happen. Then Mickey gets sick and dies, and Frank is somewhat happy because now he doesn't have to be jealous of him. Frank's Grandma insists that he helps his uncle deliver newspapers. Frank agrees, but soon regrets it. His uncle mistreats Frank because when its raining, Frank has to deliver the papers, and doesn't pay him well at all. While he delivers papers, he gets to know Mr. Timoney. He reads to Mr. Timoney to make a little extra money for his family. He soon becomes friends with him. The next summer comes along, and Angela has another baby. This time a boy. The baby almost chokes to death, right before its baptism, but a friend saves it. Frank gets confirmed, but a few days later is diagnosed with Typhoid fever. He knows he will live though, because the doctor farted in front of him, and if he were really dying, the doctor wouldn't have farted. Frank thinks about his father. Sometimes he likes him, and other times he doesn't. The bathroom outside of the McCourt's front door is beginning to smell very bad, and now their house is infested with rats and flies. The Father decides to go to England to work for a factory. The boys' mother then promises an egg a week, which seems like the best thing in the world. The only problem with this is that Malachy never sends any money to the family. Angela gets sick with pneumonia and is taken to the hospital while the boys stay with their grandmother and their aunt. Their aunt is abusive to the boys.

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Martha U. said...

Hey, I'm posting for that one assignment! haha. It looks like you are doing a really good job at keeping up with your posts. Way to go! I think your doing a good job at going in depth with your summaries, that's pretty sweet! haha.