Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 4, post 1

"That's right, no hope in heaven for the infant that's not baptized."- Frank McCourt's grandmother, page 182.

This quote is important to the book because Frank's grandmother is a very religious Catholic.
Anything that happens, according to her, is a work of God. If you do something wrong, you better go to confessions. She does not like people who are not Catholics, or people who say they are but do not act like it. This is huge in this memoir because even when her own family does something that other Catholics might not agree with, she does not associate with them, whatsoever.

Another Quote that is important in this memoir is; "Dad, you're not to go to the pub. Mam said you're bring home the money. You're not to drink the pint."- page 183

This was said by Malachy, Frank McCourt's younger brother. This is very important to the book because the father is an alcoholic and loses jobs quickly because of it. When he is able to maintain a job, he usually spends the money at a bar, instead of buying food, etc for his family.

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