Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eagle blue, week 6, post 1

2 vocab words.

Vindicate(p. 225)-to uphold or justify by argument or evidence.

harangues(p. 241)- a scolding or a long or intense verbal attack; diatribe.

3 examples of figurative language

"Its no longer the notorius road it once was- loose gravel, and mud, frost heaves, and mountainous pitches, ninety- degree cutbacks and potholes the size of bombs craters."

This is an example of imagery because it paints a clear picture in my mind of what this road looks like. This is what imagery is supposed to do..

"Whirling ribbons of snow dance across the blacktop."

This is an example of personification because it is obvious that snow can't really dance. This is just a way of describing what the falling snow looked like. It was compared to what a human can do.

"They all sleep like babies that evening"

This is an exapmle of a similie because it compares 2 things using the word "like." This quote is comparing the way the team sleeps, to the way a baby sleeps.

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