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My top 10 list

My Top Ten List.

There is no specific order to my list.

Character 1
Dave Bridges. Dave Bridges is the Fort Yukon, Alaska boy’s basketball coach. Dave is a touch coach, but he definitely knows what he is talking about, when it comes to basketball. He runs tough practices, where the boys become physically exhausted. In the end though, it all pays off. Dave is also big on morals, such as good sportsmanship. If somebody is being a bad sport, Dave will confront them and will deal with the situation accordingly. The whole team respects Dave and is appreciative of his hard work to get them at the skill level they are at now.

Character 2
Matt is one of the star players on the Fort Yukon Eagles. His usual style consists of loose t-shirts and low baggy jeans. He has cropped black hair, and one ear piercing. He is considered the “Care-Taker” of the team, as well of his family. He generally puts others before himself, and helps them out if they need it. Matt has very good concentration and does well in school. Although he would like to play college basketball, he feels that with his size, there is a very small chance of that. This year will probably be his last year.

Setting 1
Eagle Blue takes place in Fort Yukon, Alaska. In Fort Yukon, it is brutally cold. Sometimes “warm” is considered twenty below zero. Also, there are not many means of transportation (other than by plane) to get to most of their games. One of the Eagle player’s father came along on one of the trips because his dentist office and doctors office were in the town the boys were playing. He figured he would be able to watch his son play basketball as well as get some errands done. In Fort Yukon, there is almost complete darkness day round, and the population is about 600 people.

Setting 2
Fort Yukon high school is where the majority of the Eagles go to school. Many students transfer to Fort Yukon specifically for their basketball team. The principal of this school wouldn’t have accepted this job had it not been for the basketball team. He loves Dave’s style of coaching. He always makes sure his boys are well behaved and have good discipline. At the school where he used to work, all the kids would talk about is Fort Yukon, and how nervous they were for the big game coming up against them.

There were several themes in Eagle Blue, but one that stuck out to me was determination. The Eagles were constantly working together to come up with new plays and strategies to defeat their upcoming opponents. They would have practice after practice, working on new drills to improve their skills. They worked extremely hard during these practices, sometimes even until they became physically ill. Not once did they complain though. These players were so determined, that they would practice and practice, and not quit until they were confident they could nail that specific skill in a game. For the most part, every player showed up at every game, practice and other team event. This shows major determination by the team.

Writing style
Michael D’Orso uses a very interesting point of view, and writing style in Eagle Blue. Each chapter is from a different characters point of view. Sometimes it is from Dave’s point of view, sometimes Matt’s, etc. To me this is very interesting and helpful because it helps me to get to know the characters and be able to relate to them more. I get to see what Dave thinks of practice, as well as what the team thinks. He uses a lot of figurative language, such as similes, personification and imagery. This really helps to paint a clear picture of the scenery, the basketball court or other situations the team encounters.
Significant Quote
“They’re ready to run with you,” He continues. “But you’re a much better team than they are. A lot better than you are showing…. “So let’s start showing it.” (202). This quote is significant throughout the whole story of Eagle Blue because it shows Dave’s confidence in his team. Dave has all the confidence in the world of his team, but sometimes after a big win, they become cocky and think they are “all that.” Dave knows exactly how to get them back on their game though. Dave is not easy on his team, but his hard work along with the team’s pays off, and Dave is very well respected.
Eagle Blue is about the Fort Yukon Eagles high school basketball team. Each boy has to go through a tryout process and only the best make it. These boys are very committed and have a passion for the sport. This story focuses on the travels and efforts of the team. They have to travel far distances to play several of their games. The team is pushed very hard throughout the season, and it pays off. They have only had 3 losses going into the state tournament. They end up losing, but all they boys walk out with their heads held high, with no regrets.
Motif 1
One motif in Eagle Blue was teamwork. The boys of the Eagles were always there for each other whether it was on or off of the court. They are very good about utilizing every single player on the court during a game because not only do they want everybody’s participation, but it throws the other team off, and gains the Eagles more points. When the boys are off the court, they all are good friends and support each other whenever it is needed.

Motif 2
Another motif in Eagle Blue is commitment. Each boy on this team dedicates almost their entire life to basketball. They have very long distances to travel for their games. They have practices on the days they don’t have games, and for the most part, every single player shows up. The team works very hard during their practices because each individual player wants to get better. They work and work until they conquer that one specific skill that they’ve been working on. They commit themselves completely to the play they are making on the court, and do not second guess themselves. This is commitment.

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